Mountain Publishing

The Appellant

A filipina wrongly accused and convicted. Mila's Story is shared, the first of many appellants to come forward. Visit her website. Her book comes with a Free Cross as well. Read more and Purchase a copy today on Amazon KDP

What's My Value Add

Why are you here? When did you become self-aware. This is a journey shared. Read more and Purchase a copy today on Amazon KDP

Data Science by Andy

How does one get good with information? Shared are some life long secrets on how to do so. Read more and purchase a copy today on Amazon KDP


An autobiography in the works as a collection of blogs from birth to death, and ever after. Spend a few hours browsing the blog notes and shelves @ myBlog

_ _ Tame _ PC _ Data

How to Tame your PC and Data is a fascinating approach to your PC and the Data within. From A to Z, a quick crash course. To be released end of Jan. 2019

The Life and Times of Nester

Nester is a cat with many careers as well as lives. He takes you on a journey through his fun life. To be released Mar. 2019